Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Ounce At A Time........

I love backpacking. I love to pack what I need to survive on my back and get out there. Some people are really having fun teasing me about my turning 40 recently. That is fine, I can handle it. However, in all honesty, as I get closer to getting over the hill, it is getting harder to get up the hill.

When we go as a family, my pack has been weighing in at 70 pounds. That is ridiculous!! NO MORE!! I have been searching online for ways to trim the weight. My goal is to shave weight where I can, but still have some of the comforts I enjoy.

There is a universal rule of the mountain that says; "The less the hookamocker weighs, the more the trail-walker pays." Bummer, but true. I have come across some cool do-it-yourself ideas that I am going to try.

The first I have tried is a super light and compact alcohol stove. I made it with pop cans and it weighs half an ounce!! The stove and winscreen/potrack packs inside my survivor-man cup. It is awesome. The boys and I made tea and roasted hot dogs with it.

I have quite a few more pounds to shave off, but I will get there one ounce at a time.

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DS at the well said...

Cool! Did you make your own form and then pour in the aluminum or what? what does it burn? rubbing alcohol? doesn't it burn off too quickly? I want to know more.